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yes, you can run a dissassembler and do exactly as you said. But the fact remains - it's NOT useful! NO program out there runs and deletes itself! This is what they do instead...
I know what they do. I'm not stupid. And actually it could be useful. What if you ran a program then deleted it, and decided you wanted it back? If it was still running you could use this theoretical utility to recover it.
(to hide oneself from task monitors you may execute your program in another program's address space - I have no idea how this is done - but it has been)
Now THAT's interesting. I was wondering about this before, trying to think of a way to hide a program even from a task monitor, and thought of doing that. But I couldn't think of exactly how it would be done either...yet. Oh, and you say it HAS been done. Can you tell me how you know? Maybe post a link or something?
For a program to rest control away from windows and to run completely on its own and only FROM memory... I just don't see the point.
You don't see the point? If a program could run with the same amount of power as the OS (or greater) say, by interecepting the system hooks, then it could do anything! you could take control over windows <img src=" title="" src="graemlins/devil.gif" /> But I don't see why it couldn't be run within windows.
Until I see how this can be useful - and possible - I refuse to consider for another moment that this can be done.
See above.
So, you can't make that utility cause it would have no purpose.
I'm sorry, but that statement is just funny. You cannot do it because there is no reason to?! Ever heard of logic?
...Forgive me, maybe I misunderstood what you meant. I'll give you a chance to explain.