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ok, haven't read the site yet - took a peek though to see what you were talking about. But I figure my response to be simple enough that I won't need to yet.
OK then, take a look at the site. You may find some interesting stuff. Be sure to check out the whitepapers.
I copied notepad.exe to C:\. Then I executed it. Then I tried to delete it and got this message:

Cannot delete NOTEPAD: Access is denied. The source file may be in use.

Alrighty, that was on Win2k. Now let's see what Win98 says:

Cannot delete notepad: The specified file may be in use by windows

Well Blimey! I do know what I was talking about! Please don't make me ask other people to do the exact same thing. Every one of them will get the same error messages.
Hmm. I copied command.com ran it, and deleted it. It was the first program I came across. I'll try another program...OK it didn't work. Why am I not surprised. After all, I have seen the error before.
Another note. Take a look at the memory usage of various programs. You're notice that some of them use less memory than the size of their executeable. Why is that? Cause the entire program may NOT be loaded into memory on execution!
Why didn't I think of that before?! You should have said that sooner. Oh well.
Are you a programmer?[quote]I'm working on it.
[quote]You CANNOT delete notepad.exe WHILE IT IS RUNNING! Not unless you use some miracle program which does some fancy shmancy shit. So if you ARE using some fancy program to delete a running program, please cut the crap and tell me!
Nope, no fancy shmancy stuff. I just did it with a DOS program (oops).
P.S. I am smiling right now. Despite the way I speak, I do not feel frustration or any negative feelings. I am simply emphasizing points very strongly and doubting your intelligence .
Well, I don't feel too bright right now, but I'm not stupid. I forgot that the program isn't always loaded entirely into memory. If it was I suppose it would be possible, but...yeah, you know what I mean.
Well, thanks for helping me get this cleared up.