heh, look up at the very first post I made in this topic. I said THERE that the entire program is not loaded into memory. I guess I just have to remember to repeat myself.

and wow, check that out. I tried command.com and edit.com and both could be deleted after you execute them! coooooooool. I didn't know this before - but yeah, com files are completely different from exe files. They are run in the virtual DOS environment. I'm thinking that they ARE loaded completely into memory and run - and that's why you can delete it after you run it. Very nifty.

Hey buddy, we're both learning stuff here.

"Well, I don't feel too bright right now, but I'm not stupid."

Aaah, yes, finally got a bit of humility out of ya - and without completely debasing yourself, good. heh, I was kidding before - I am not doubting your intelligence. All I've got up on ya is more reading - more knowledge. You've got the right kind of mind to get far.

How old are ya anyway?
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