So Im checking my email and i get this mai subject "wanna be friends" note this email is one that I had barely registered hours before and nobody knew about it. so anyway, the email states:

I just came across your email ID while searching in the Yahoo profiles.
Actually I want a true friend 4 life with whom I can share my everything.
So if you are interested in being my friend 4 life then mail me.

If you wanna know about me, attached is my profile along with some of my
pics. You can check and if you like it then do mail me.
I will be waiting for your mail.

Best Wishes,
Your Friend.."

with an attachment "My_sexy_pic.scr" and last time i checked scr was not a picture format, well anyways... right away i obviously knew this was some kinda worm or some type of thinga mabob, but since i was bored i decided to research this and yeep, i was right. i searched the email which was "[email protected]" and i found this[email protected] so yeep, i dunno u may know about this, or w/e but i just found it intresting, kinda funny in a way. so yeah i thought id just share it with you
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