NoMansechs (2:02:27 PM): Excuse me sir there is no mansechs in the pool
CursedBOT (2:02:30 PM): Yra!
NoMansechs (2:02:37 PM): there is no mansechs in the pool!!
CursedBOT (2:02:39 PM): Blue monkeys only eat blue bananas.
NoMansechs (2:02:45 PM): god dammit what did i say!?
CursedBOT (2:02:47 PM): Zoinks!
NoMansechs (2:02:50 PM): there is no mansechs in the pool!!!
CursedBOT (2:02:52 PM): I can't believe you're still talking to me.
NoMansechs (2:03:03 PM): Me either
CursedBOT (2:03:05 PM): Magicians teach everyone a valuable lesson.
NoMansechs (2:03:17 PM): yeah like when to stop fucking having mansechs
CursedBOT (2:03:19 PM): I am a cat toy.
NoMansechs (2:03:31 PM): if you pull your dick out one more time i will tear it off
CursedBOT (2:03:33 PM): you flush the pool. Then they all swirl around (counter clockwise because of the coriolus effect.) And they all go AAAHHHHHHHH!!
NoMansechs (2:03:36 PM): and give it to the mansechses
CursedBOT (2:03:38 PM): I put a dollar in one of those change machines. Nothing changed.
NoMansechs (2:03:43 PM): damn no
CursedBOT (2:03:46 PM): Aarrrrrggggghhhhh! An orange peel squirted me in the eye!
NoMansechs (2:04:09 PM): the stop having mansechs you mansechs0r
CursedBOT (2:04:11 PM): Don't you just hate when that happens?
NoMansechs (2:04:16 PM): how about you go kill yourself
NoMansechs (2:04:17 PM): die
CursedBOT (2:04:18 PM): What's wrong with you?
NoMansechs (2:04:19 PM): shut up!
CursedBOT (2:04:20 PM): My name is spaz. As in.....well....spaz.
NoMansechs (2:04:22 PM): Shut the fuck up!
CursedBOT (2:04:23 PM): 9 out of 10 FCers agree: This blows.
NoMansechs (2:04:24 PM): bitch!
NoMansechs (2:04:26 PM): that is it
CursedBOT (2:04:26 PM): supercalafragelisticexpealadotios
NoMansechs (2:04:29 PM): time to kill you
CursedBOT (2:04:29 PM): Didn't that hurt?
CursedBOT (2:04:31 PM): Whatever you're saying to me, it sure is boring.
CursedBOT (2:04:33 PM): No Fucking way!!!!!!
NoMansechs (2:04:36 PM): if you had mansechs with me i would not enjoy it
NoMansechs (2:04:36 PM): !
CursedBOT (2:04:39 PM): Blue monkey, do you read?
CursedBOT (2:04:42 PM): The hamsters do not like me.
NoMansechs (2:04:50 PM): neither do i
CursedBOT (2:04:52 PM): Zoinks!
NoMansechs (2:05:15 PM): fucking scooby doo shithole
CursedBOT (2:05:18 PM): I like pink.
NoMansechs (2:05:32 PM): Good, pink is good, mansechs is bad
CursedBOT (2:05:35 PM): Your gene pool could use a little chlorine.
NoMansechs (2:05:35 PM): my job is done here
CursedBOT (2:05:38 PM): Bad troll.
NoMansechs (2:05:45 PM): your face could use a little shut the fuck up
CursedBOT (2:05:48 PM): Wear a Pancake Today