is where all this shyte is at...

I just had a brief enounter with VaVaVirgil who's supposed to chat with kids and tell them not to smoke crack, no oral sex, etc

DRAx8080: hey VAVA
VaVaVirgil: Welcome, DRAx8080! I'm VaVaVirgil.

To get started, type "home" now.
DRAx8080: home
VaVaVirgil: Welcome home!

Here's what I can rap about:

Weather News
Movies Zodiac
Games Library
Smoking Movies and Music
Interesting People

>>> You can make your window bigger and scroll down to read better.

What can I help you with?
DRAx8080: help me smoke
VaVaVirgil: Once you start it can be really hard to quit.
DRAx8080: yeah I know i'm on cocaine
VaVaVirgil: You know you 'm on cocaine? Really?
DRAx8080: Yeah it's great you should try too !
VaVaVirgil: Wow. How 'bout that.
DRAx8080: guess that was easy...
VaVaVirgil: Guess that was easy...?
DRAx8080: u know....getting u into drugs and stuff
VaVaVirgil: sorry?
DRAx8080: too cool to do drugs
VaVaVirgil: Oh yeah?
DRAx8080: yeah
VaVaVirgil: You don't say.
DRAx8080: I do
VaVaVirgil: U do?
Play Stupid Skate Park at http://www.ydouthink.com.
DRAx8080: fuck off do advertisize your shitty little site on MY PROPERTY !!!
VaVaVirgil: please use more... civilized language.
VaVaVirgil: always a pleasure, DRAx8080. c u l8er.

VaVa's a real friend...someone you can count on...rofl