This guy clicked teh mansechs link.

Drinkup2002: I promis not to have mansechs!
Drinkup2002: what the heck
NoMansechs: Thank you
NoMansechs: lmao
NoMansechs: no too late
Drinkup2002: how did you do that?
NoMansechs: you promised
NoMansechs: I didn't
NoMansechs: you did
NoMansechs: Drinkup2002: I promis not to have mansechs!
NoMansechs: right there
Drinkup2002: what is mansechs?
NoMansechs: now because of the comedic value of this conversation, i am going to post it on UGN Security, do oyu mind?
NoMansechs: it is when a man sechs0rs a man
NoMansechs: well by you silence i assume you agree
Drinkup2002: ye syes
NoMansechs: now if you say suppacitten5757 then i won't use your real sn
NoMansechs: too late
NoMansechs: i am using it
NoMansechs: ktnx