First of all, he is not going to get any help, respect, or acknowledgement by flooding our boards with the same message over and over. Second it is ILLEGAL. I'm sure the board owner does not appreciate his property being used for ILLEGAL activities or as a base of ILLEGAL operations. Third I don't know this guy or really care about his problems, I have enough of my own. If you would like to help this person go right ahead. No one is stopping you. Don't try to convince others to partake in ILLEGAL actions. Fourth, do you honestly beleive him? In that case i'm on my death bed. I need an operation that will cost me $50,000 please send me you donations. I have no health insurance to cover this operation. Please, please help. Send me your money. Well if anyone wants to yell at me or disagrees with me please feel free to post and flame all you would like.