I think your essay is well written, but for the most part i disagree with you. I really hate school, but would not agree with you just to rebel or some shit.

At our school, there is a pretty low level of violence, but fights are consistantly broken up or prevented altogether. They have reduced the amount of drug deals that go on in school. If there was a shooting at your school, would you rather that cop not be there to stop it? Would you rather watch 5 kids die while police are rushing to the school? Or would you rather the cop stop it.

Yes, kids could steal his gun. Alot of shit could happen, but because of the SRO's they have in schools alot of violence is prevented on school grounds. People are alot less likely to steal a car if they know they could be arrested on the scene instead of a teacher just testifying. These cops prevent violence.

Administration and police do not show a lack of trust, but instead promote violence free schools. I would like to know your sources, because the 50 cops raiding the school sounds like a waste of public resources, unless they have 50 more cops than they need.

I am not saying you are lying or wrong or anything, but I disagree.

I do disagree with metal detectors. This would slow down the entering of schools. Either they would have to make sure everyone checks in when they enter the school, and have someone there checking them, along with a bunch of other procedures that would be time consuming, or...they could leave it very loose and it would be useless. Anyone that wants to hurt people bad enough will. Money spent on metal detectors is better spent on more books or raising teacher salary.

So, I agree things could get worse. But, I like things the way they are, in the ways of the cops and administrationg. In my school at least. I still hate school and want out though. :\