I just had to laugh at:
Part of me just wants to strike out, and eliminate his presence right then.
On a more serious note. I grew up in Portland, OR; we had 8 police gaurds at my high school and 2 at my grade school. In the past 10 years we've had more school shootings than what I can count. (Go search google for "oregon school shooting" you'll find some nice research).

In this day and age I do believe, to an extent, that police personel is needed in the school system. I believe that for there not to be at least 3 armed gaurds in a high school environment is a danger to every student.

I however disagree with some of their actions, when I was in high school I suffered from severe migraines and terrable heart burn (still do in fact) which made me either absent from class or school in an entirety. I believe that the actions of truency officers and normal "security" at schools are completely pointless.

Pointless acts of school security:
1. Illegal search and seasure; Unless its a weapon people should be able to keep it. People have a right to bear arms under the constitution however, but not in a school environment.
2. Arresting people who are not showing for class; A lot of the time people have excuses, for me it was because of medical problems, hell I had a key to the school elivators, i think I still do somewhere.

School security is basically like a legal bully, I grew up in Portland for god sakes, most everyone sees it as a clean city, perfect atmosphere, we do have gangs, and OR has one of the worse school settings in the US (becides CA and PA).

I believe that the only way to sort through all of these issues is not in High School. Grade school makes bullies, which in turn makes the bullied. The bullied turn into shut-ins which at times either makes a hacker or a terrorist.

We need to have more help in our grade schools than anything else, i mean, sort things out at an early age, there won't be an issue at a later age no?
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