Mornse, isn't it true that Montreal is like the top city in car bombings though? or top state or something, i forget what montreal is. lol. just wondering, not that canadians are violent or anything.
CS, Monteal is a city, in Quebec. So decide for yourself if it's part of Canada. If you ask them only about half will say they are.

As for the carbombings, I suppose you could give the title to the city. Montreal is a major Hell's Angel city. The bombings you refer to are caused by biker feuds and wars. Hell, most of the good cocaine in this country comes in through Montreal. As a result of the increased presence of the biker gangs in that city their reputation has definatly been affected. However, having said that personally I would still love to visit or even live in that city.

Sorry about the off topic response, but as the other Canadian on the board I figured I'd respond.