at the high school i breifly attended, we didn't have any police on school grounds. oh, the vice principal called them all the damn time, but no guards were actually posted there. as far as the illegal search and seizure... our school claimed that anything, your car, your backpack.. if it was on school grounds, it was school property so they could search it if they wanted to. of course, i never let them go through any of my stuff! fuck no! i hated school with a passion. our administration was so jacked up. and i swear to you, our vice principal looked just like hitler, minus the cool 'stache. oh, he was taller than hitler was too at any rate... everyone there was a jack ass except for my awesome biology teacher. he was the only one i didn't have some conflict with at one time or another. but, things will never change, they only seem to get worse from year to year. thank fucking god i quit school. it was boring, and ultimately useless for me. i don't live by anyone's rules except for my own. so it worked out better for me to just leave.
"when you look around, you can't tell me honestly you're happy with what you see"