I just want to say this:

I know moust peoples in US think that having a gun is a right, and it is considered probably one of the moust important rights. The right to be able to defend yourself, there for owning a gun/weapon.

US is not the only country that has school violence. Other countries in the east europe have the same problem. But because it is VERY difficult to own a gun, at least in Romania, the school violence is often reduced to two large groups confrunting them selfs with bats, knifes, and other objects that can be used to inflict harm, but not a gun.

Allthought one can get beaten preety badly, we never had anyone die before in a school conflict.

We have guards in schools in Romania to, but they are not armed. Why ? Because we never had shootings on school ground, or outside the schools. Therefor there is no need for the guard to have a gun. Usually what the guard does, is that in case of a major conflict, that he can not stop by himself, before they start the beating, he calls the police.

The thing I'm trying to say, is that perhaps it's a little bit to easy to own a gun in US, and thus more easy to shoot/kill people. The saying goes : "Guns don't kill people, stupid people kill people." Well yeah, but having a gun sure makes it a lot easyer for a stupid one to kill everyone he wants.

I think that if it would be more dificult to own a gun, it would be a lot more dificult for a student to go on a rampage and start killing everyone with let's say a bat. If the students could not have access to guns, there would be no need for school guards to be armed. The danger would be, in a way, smaller, and the number of unarmed school guards would be smaller to.

Just my opinion.