Well, this project is kinda fun, and replaces needs for a tivo and builds many many extra options which are unavailable through other products...

A networked (gigabit) DVR will record from a central location and be able to stream data (over the network) to other machine's (hooked up to other televisions around the house).

The primary connection to the televisions are over a gigabit network, pc's streaming from the DVR will be over a standard 10/100 network and over wireless (802.11GS).

The Network:
Cable Modem -> WRT54GS...
WRT54GS -> Vonage AP Adapter
WRT54GS -> 16 Port 10/100 Switch
WRT54GS -> Gigabit Switch
16 Port Switch -> PC's around the house.
Gigabit Switch -> DVR's

The Server:
1.4GHZ Processor (AMD Athlon XP 1700)
1280mb DDR333 Ram (2 512MB + 1 256MB)
Hauppage TV Tuner (with FM Radio input)
256MB GFX Card
500GB Hard Disk (2 planned, 1 for starters)
DVR Suite: Beyond TV
Media Readers: 2 DVDRW's, Media card reader.
(Pictures to come upon completion)

1 hour = 2GB; so 250 hours (or so) per 500GB hard disk.

Link DVR's (2 planned):
Processor: 1.2GHZ Processor (planned)
Ram: 512MB
Graphics: 64MB Video

Connection from DVR's are over SVideo/Composit adapters to the televisions.

The Server will have 2 Playstation2 controllers connected through frontside USB (utilizing a $12 adapter), ROM's will be able to be played using the PS2 controllers as joysticks.

So far, the server itself is almost complete (need hard disk and DVDRW/Media Card reader); I'll post more as info arrives/is finished.

Any questions?
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