notice how people tend to pick avatars that look similar to themself?

Chem: facial expression, and head bent to one side
ObiWan: check out the skin color, long head.
Deviation: narrow face, bushy hair (instead of mouse ears, I know I'm stretchin')
fleshwound: roundish face
Neo: the toothy grin
You can even make a stretch and compare my own avatar with me.

This is great guys. Don't be shy, post your pics. I like the fact that some people have followed suit by posting a facial shot, and something else to give an idea of how you look from day-to-day. It's fun to see the real face behind the personality. Sometimes it doesn't match with the face we expect to see.

P.S. So far I'm glad people have been serious. No fake pics please! That's what your avatar is for.
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