TY Geek.

You did not remember spanktard, I TOLD you! There's a difference :p But I'll remember to email you on the 27th :p not that you'll notice.

Sorry Giz, you have to catch me before 10 am EST or after 10 pm EST (not on nights very often) gotta like get up and go to work for 9 hours everyday, not including the hour it takes to get there so needless to say my online time has been cut down a lot, and the fact that my computer is retarded and shuts down every 3 seconds just irritates me and makes it even less. (I know, bad grammar blah blah I don't care )

It's ok, I didn't expect you to remember icey...I know yours is sometime in January, but that's all I know lol

ya just kind of expect your MOM to remember, I mean she was there for it and stuff, but ya know.
boys lie.

No we do not!!!!