Sorry Giz, you'll have to get up sooner or stay up later if you want to talk to me :p I *leave* at 10, so that means I usually log on around 7:30 and it just stays idle (as long as my retardo computer cooperates) while I shower or whatever unless someone messages me Now you can really stalk me.

...Sintax, maybe she was right? lol I refuse to give either one of my brothers gifts for that exact reason. I'm not supporting the delinquency of someone else. Before I get flamed...I don't really care if you do drugs, that's your own deal, but my hard earned cash will not be used to support that kind of activity. (I'm a good girl )

Anyways, I'm not a teenager anymore...woohoo. /me twirls finger in the air

/me goes back to reading treadmill assembly instructions
('s more complicated then it looks )
boys lie.

No we do not!!!!