James Bond movies are crap. They have some cool action but the story is ridiculous, the dialogue is a joke, and pretty much every character is just stupid. It is something that a small child would be impressed by, but anyone with common sense or any taste in movies would think to themselves, "This isn't even worth downloading, I can't believe I watched this on TBS."

They are fun to watch with friends the same way Pokemon or Iron Chef is fun to watch with friends -To make fun of them.

The problem with James Bond movies is that they try to have a plot but suck at it. If they would just drop all of it, and just put the action scenes together, that would be fine. But they can't do it because it's a series, so better than that would be that they just stop making the movies period.

After typing that, I realize you might have meant that while james bond movies are crap, most action movies are worse. I don't know now but I am not letting all that typing go to waste.