-Skirts (nice ones )
-Black satin like sheets and pillow cases for my bed (badly needed)
-a fat stick of a dildo
-"Hacking the Xbox: a guide to reverse engineering" by bunnie Huang
-all the Pier Anthony books
-50 pack of condoms
-10 pack of multi colored CDR's with cases
-gift certificates
-Cash (Thanks Dad)
-A jelly dong and a toolbox filled with attachments (Case mods ahoy!)
-Tons of lube? I use alot of lube, so multiple people got it for me as gifts, I have at least 5 different kinds of lube..
-Butane Jet Torch, has no real use, but extremely cool
-Sweaters and a pair of slippers
-Chocolate and mints, lots of mints, i'm so sexy, people love me
-Rogers Video gift pack, so roughly a million assorted free movie rentals.
-socks and boxers (badly needed)
-New futuristic cordless phone

Late entry I know.
C++ Should Have Been Called "D"