lol. I like the movie. However, I wouldn't judge kevin based on that movie. As he said quoted in the news, a lot that is said about him isn't true, but the parts that are, he is sorry for. He didn't intentionally destroy anything, he stole copies of source code so that he could learn from them, and learned the ways phone companies and networks are setup and work. He was just out there for the golden reason most "decent" hackers hack. To learn. Now he says he realizes just how much money he WAS costing those businesses he hacked into in collateral damage. Lots of money is spent on refortification and stuff. At the time he thought he was doing innocent - unharmful stuff.

I don't have any problem if you don't like kevin. But at least make it for the right reasons. "Takedown" was a book and a movie - not a documentary or biography.
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