Did I ever state that I idolized Kevin Mitnick? On the contrary, I have made it public knowledge that I could care less for him, I believe that he's a complete moron and I dislike him to no end.

I watched Takedown once, and I'd never see it again, the realizm was totally off, the movie was more rank than my ex's...

I don't know "Takedown to every aspect" like you had stated, I'm a movie buff, plus I'm a security buff, my bible is http://www.imdb.com, its my job to know reviews on movies, even to write reviews on them when applicable.

"He wasted millions on peoples private conversations", well, see, with how the telecommunications infrustructure is configured, if you didn't make the calls you don't have to pay for them. It could be documented that you made the call and all you'd have to do is ask. Perhaps the supposid phone companies should have secured their networks in the first place?

The whole "free kevin" thing is quite lame, its just one of the things that added towards me disliking him. The fact of all of this is that the federal government was unjust in his sentancing, and how they acted throught the entire case and sentancing. The reason that so many people feel for him is because of this point.

You're judging him by the movie which is one mans perspective, everyone has the right to defend themselves, and he has yet to do so. Granted it won't change my opinion of him, but you're just being anal from watching a fucking movie...

Oh, and before you go starting shit with me or anyone else, perhaps you should look into things?
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