Food for thought: (Wow I feel like I'm being cornered as one of few who like Optix Illusions)

If you were in a situation where you 2 were the only ones who really took care of the place, while having to deal with very busy social and business lives, wouldn't you want something you give your free time, to be controlled and in order?

If you look at the amount and haved asked them personally about thier lives, you would know why some people do these things. Unfortunately it's rare for people to have extremely active social lives and be in this scene at the same time. I guess it shows you something about the unique opportunity we've all had by knowing 2 of them at the same time.

As for Optix Illusions running UGN Security into the ground? I believe from the amount of chat logs i got on his server (not linux lamers, and compared to the logs i've seen for the past year and a half on the irc server) was Optix Illusions and Icedog were wise beyond thier years. They would deal with UGN Security the way they felt they should. It points to the age difference and maturity levels within current and previous admin.

And since I had a list of older members from a few people I've been in contact with, I have also realized the disappearance of members who liked Optix and Icedog, also I have noticed who's been mature about the situation, so it doesn't show much about the people here.

Who are you to judge one another, as well as having libel terms on this board about them? Can you honestly say that you would verbally attack Optix Illusions or Icedog to their faces if you were alone standing in front of them? Don't answer that, it will cause more contraversy on here and this would become an extremely dramatic thread. So lets end the arguement on that note.

I've come to see, well a halt in the site here. The information you learn goes from sub-newbie, to newbie. Where are the texts for people who still have a thirst for knowledge? Or is this UGN Security - The Shuttle to the plane before you gain more knowledge.