Well, I know everyone gets spammed, so out of sheer curiosity and boredom I'm going to start posting how much spam I get month to month. Please feel free to join in. I'll be editing this original message each month.

Please note that I'm using ChoiceMail ONE 2.66 (Orignally using 1.6) to log my spam from month to month. Their latest version does things a whole lot better but I don't have the funds for an upgrade.

February 2004: 11715 (98%)
March 2004: 25555 (98%)
April 2004: 13262 (99%)
May 2004: 12047 (98%)
June & July 2004: 19584 (97%)
August 2004: 1314 (90%)
September - December 2004: 5985 (92%)

It's true, catch-all aliases are worthless...
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