What a bunch of crock. This shit pisses me off:

"Alien forces are seeking to subjugate humanity to their dominion. Abductees commonly report having their memories/minds altered."

"WARNING: DePsych screenshot is for illustration purposes only and not for actual DePsych use. Only look at it glancingly. Prolong staring at this static DePsych display may result in memory fragmentation and involuntary hypertelekinesis."

Aliens have never abducted anybody and telekinesis is impossible to do without some kind of supernatural sentient force at your back. I'm sorry but your brain waves can't move objects around. Too bad, so sad.

manipulating brain waves without special hardware? Using quasi-quantum techniques involving existing hardware? Come ON people.

But you know what IS possible? A program like that screwing with your head to make you believe anything.
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