Originally posted by AlienTerror:
They can se like other galaxies as an cetimeter in their telescopes and cannot get a closer look, who are they to play god and come with an conclusion that the chanses are minimal?
No, who are YOU and what do YOU know to criticize what scientists have discovered? We don't HAVE to go to the sun and scoop up a back of gases to figure out how it manages to stay lighted. We don't HAVE to go to jupitor ourselves and try to step on the planet to know that it is primarily a big ball of gases.

Just like we don't have to walk around on every planet in the galaxy to know that the chances of there being life is extremely slim.

You're not the only one to criticize scientific study in this topic. If you study up on the subject, and would like to disprove theories - be my guest, but until then, even if scientists don't know shit, you know even less so sthu.
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