When the American contenet was discovered it was thought the world was flat. That the land they had hit was india. For a long time people belived if you went over 35 mph your face would peel off. Before the first nukes could be set off it had to be proven they would not set the atmosphere on fire.

Is there life out there? You bet. Will we find it. Probably not us, but people will find other life. As our world crowds we will venture out. Just as people ventured to the americas.

The probability of life being created on accident is so far fetch I can not belive it was an accident.

For one all the right protines had to be in place and then assembled in just the right order. We are talking millions * millions in probability here.

As science progresses they are finding the the flagela(little hairs on single cell organisms) are powere by what appears to be an out board motor. Cell creation in our bodies is that like an assembly line.

Some are saying we had to be created. Now I am not saying God. Just that life was created from life. We very well could be a lab people. Think about it. We are just not getting into bio engineering. How long before we pick a planet and set up shop?

Also, when life started on earth(when it was thought to have started) it was being hammered with cosmic trash. It was a pit of lava, posionous gasses, but Mars would not have been.... Life could have been on mars.

Imagine, A huge meteor slams into mars, knocks a chunk out. Mars dies, It has a ice age and atmoshpere colapses. That chunk flys out and hits earth nocking a chunk out(there our moon). That life starts on earth. The colision of the astoroid cools the earth enough for life to start.

It is an offical theory.
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