Where have all of you heard about UGN Security?
What brought you here?
Why did you stay?
What did you expect from joining UGN Security?
Have your expectations changed?

1. Downloaded this hacking program for my Wizard pocket keeper back in 99, the program was written by Blackbeard an there was a link to the board.
2.I came to find out the Truth..
3.I found the truth but not always the Right Truth.
4.nothing really just knowledge
5.In the last 4 years i never went to no fancy school to learn about computers. Now I can build/take apart/destroy, upgrade install,Circumvent Programs,Program(C++,Java, java script, HTML,DHTML,CGI,Visual B, BASIC)
Hex,A+ certification.

But sadly in america If u don't have a document that says I graduated from some Fancy ass money stealing school where they teach u no REAL SKILLS. (i can say that cause i have fixed computers for dozens of ppl who went to school for computers)you can't get a Job

Lets just say i took the RED pill
Programming it is like sex anyone can do it but only a few of us will ever master it and satisfy all parties envoled :-)