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Despite the fact that this site's title is abbreviated and the word 'Security' takes apparent precedence, hacking, cracking, phone phreaking and general mayhem seem to be the order of the day. Including sections on keystroke logging, browsing anonymity, and compendiums on how to make and do all kinds of mischievous things, this site is like Blue Peter for anarchists.

Despite the fact that the only thing connected with security is a virus list (lifted from Trend Micro's site), UGN Security is a pretty helpful resource for programmers and, to some degree, counter-hackers, because discussions on the nature of new hacking techniques are fairly commonplace. In addition, programmers use dedicated sections in the forums to talk amongst themselves and help each other out (although what the programs they write will eventually do is probably of a dubious nature...).

The forums on the site are by far this particular resource's most interesting point, since most hacking sites have either no forums at all, or inactive ones if they're present. For the most part, the forums are interesting and well moderated, even if there are times when they seem to be inundated with small children bragging about how they haxOred their school network and remotely caused every PC in the building to spontaneously combust. Still, if you let kids onto the Net, whaddaya expect?
yey, we're kiddies! hehe... I have a question, how far into the list where we? From what I got via email it looks like #1, but I doubt that's the case with the awkward review...

It's pretty interesting that they say we're into anarchy as we completely dropped the section due to the illegal nature and a few :ahem: threats...
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