Just to let you guys know, UGN Security has an IRC Server for chatting. For those of whom are not familiar, it is an advanced chat forum somewhat like a normal chat room, but it has more features.
If you would like to join us and chat you can use the jIRC client on the board, it is located near the bottom of UBB Main Page(where the forums are listed). It may say no one is in the chat, but it is often very deceiving. And for those who have IRC clients, irc.undergroundnews.com 6667, #undergroundnews. Another note for people using the jIRC client, once you are connected, change your nickname to your UBB/Forum nickname, this can be achieved by typing "/nick your-nick-here" (without the quotation marks) into the text bar at the bottom of the channel(chat room) window and pressing the enter key.