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I said it before, and I'll say it again....

Oooh oooh oooh oooh. Can I please get an email account where all my shit is stored on some server where I can't delete it and have it analyzed out my wazoo so that I can have ads rammed down my throat?!?!?! Please let my personal shit be given to a soon to be public corporation so that they may exploit the shit out of it!!!!

God damn people, it's only a gig. Get a grip on reality here. I'm willing to bet most of us have at least that much space we could use for email if we wanted too. Don't be such media puppets and think for yourselves

you've never used gmail have you?

google will never exploit any personal email. EVER. You really think a company that is about to go IPO would face 10's of thousand of class action law suits? Trust me, they don't give a rats ass what you are doing.

you can delete your emails, it's frowned upon because archiving > deleting..but you can delete them.

third: not a single person will EVER read your emails on gmail. It's computerized to search for keywords. Again they can't and won't exploit that shit. They've said this many time.

about the ads, I didn't even notice the adds in my emails till someone mentioned that they are doing it. THey are small, very subtle and not annoying.

while we might not be thinking "ourselves" it's a lot better then talking out the ass like you are doing without any knowledge of what gmail REALLY IS. They have plenty of agreements which states they will do exactly the opposite of what you just said...of course, you wouldn't know this because you are quick to jump to a hasty conclusion. All it does is make you look very ignorant. Lets take a closer look at this. We are the media puppets by trying a email service offered by google that is invite only. You are spouting out false claims from what you've HEARD IN THE MEDIA.

do you have no sense of logic? You sound... nevermind I don't want to get banned

gmail is a very nice email service. the layout is designed about as good as the TiVo interface (which is excellent). The VB keyboard shortcuts are impressive as hell & the overall service is faster than anything yahoo will ever be able to come up with.