chem lol, they have fine prepaid Internet it seems too lol elite. I now I'm taking time to work on domain stuff, art stuff, email stuff. organizing my net self very slowly. as I have a crap computer, and doing all this will take some time. infi lol, you got served:D :X It's good too, learning is the shit. I'm glad I had someone tell me about gmail before I was all *grunt grunthowl* territorial about it:) H/P/V/A/C are paranoid bro, we all know this, and we're all chill. so it's all good. I've yet to see but a few small skermishes on UGN Security bbs, and a lot of the big ones were before my time. Good ppl here. Gizmo is majorly right I know this, I'm needing to look into gmail's mail forwarding options heh. I have an account that is a imap that stores 100megs free, and I pull like 10 emails to that one email. Heh...needless to say now...I have like 15 email aliases. Gizmo...has LOTS, like you know that dumb, and dumber thing...A LA. It's A HELLA LA. Like gizmo, and his email lol. I don't see how he even had time to have sex, or get married, or how he works two jobs/gets paid like a pwner. Ppl gotta respect the moguai for jedi skills.

Rapture is very informative, and right I liked that writing a lot. Businesses are now learning after the dot com crash, and the dollar being so low, and war etc. That they can't keep doing shit like before. you have voice over ip, you have skype, you have all kinds of shit moving on the telephony base. then you have wireless Internet for cheap, and some free nodes. free nodes are growing. lest we forget long ago. because a time may come when the use for a person of h/p/v/a/c quality may be VERY lessoned. Anarchy is always needed to combat big brother like shit, cracking for encryption is nice. But other the REAL REALboredom...I dunno, things are a change. I'm sure we'll all adapt, and new races will do more. But our seeing a big change that I doubt ppl are noticing to closely.

google will allow whatever the fuck ppl want, because they want to whore out their systems. thusly why they are doing this, to attract even more ppl. They can do it, so they do. Pred dunno what goa'uld crawled up your but, but in console I'd rather download a iso via pine to a dir, IF I WAS A NEWB. Ftp command use, lynx, and etc are difficult for first time or every normal newb linux users. As to the uses, giz is explaining it's not just for use for email, because you challenged him, he brought up an example of which there are many. Storage of other things is just another way to use what they are giving away freely.

Me I love it, I get like 30 megs of spam when I'm away for a few days. I get hundred over weeks. so um...I'd rather that be on one email account from my many email aliases(OF WHICH YES I USE, I don't like aggressive questioning, neither does giz. don't act like you don't file share, or use mp3s, or other wise do illegal activities. I'm not up for a fight, but you seem to be a tad late on the up take. Going back to infi blasting gmail, read the following 10 posts guy. It's pretty damn cool. Their user interface, support, their changing it once in a while, and will continue too. They do that based on what ppl like, want, and need.

I know giz gets like 10k emails like he said, and much more sometimes. So freakin to have that directed at one email, and go through it slowly, and not take up lots of time, to do so without worrying about bandwidth or space is nice. From giz being nice here, I've seen a couple pushy comments. If Gizmo had more time he'd be ending the discussion on his use, and gmail's usability for him fast. But as is he works, he needs his time, and he still finds time to get on the irc, on here, I'd have to say gizmo is one of the few ppl I know that many underestimate, and misunderstand. I know for sure that if he's upset, and has time to make that he'll deal with things in a certain way.

one, nice, two joking or serious mixed with joking, and three heh well...I think were both men of threes. if ppl don't get it after 3. Then it's like baseball, you can't really help someone, or teach them at that stage, because they don't want to be taught. From seeing all the posts here, I'd say your cool, as everyone else is, giz is chill sept that chaz dood, and um...people can't define things that are new, or amorphous easily. Gmail is new, and amorphous. I don't think that when UGN Security was brought online back in 95 was it? shit I dunno I wasn't here then. That it would become so large before, and after giz admined it. *shrug* we all know the past owner is a cool cat. It's obvious that gmail is of valid use, and thus is not lame like said hotmail. Only time will tell.

I would not like to discuss the inner depths of any topics but to chill on some peace, and q/a. debate, and such isn't really my off-topic thang. But I felt the need to add this to my post as you apparently are maybe like grouchy? dood your in Belgium, I thought Europeans had sex more then us?=] why all grouchy, marx?;P

pls again to not be flaming, or whatever, I've been considerate, and calm/nice in my mood. If it's not obvious. I spent a bit of time writing this, instead of mowing the lawn which I'm going to do now. I live on the side of a mountain. But nitpicking appart statements is why this is longer, because I want to make some very obvious things evident to everyone here. respect, and knowledge are key in communication, and being a part of a system. End rant.
"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
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