list price is without a doubt like buying from 50 hands. bulk price places, that sell at a lowered cost seem to be a better choice to me.

the 146, and 846 have differences. But I'd like to know what you paid, and why you'd pay 2100 more dollars for a 846?

246 is cool too, but the difference in models is small imo, heh. I'd like to know why you chose the 846. But like I said before ruffly guessing. Now I'm researching, which is not productive. It's for others. I lack current funds.

Uh huh...hmm, ddr333mhz ram 1gb, $350 a stick
$122 ddr400mhz ram, aka pc3200 1 gig, that's per stick. $488 total vs $1400 but of course it is registered. $127 for AIB the same.

A search on Opteron 248 shows two processors one going for 989, one for 1062, one company in Georgia, one in Indiana. The model changes to me don't look to be a big WOW, being that we've crossed the ghz barrier, and in 92 I had a 486/dx2/66mhz. It's like hmm 10.5x about in 8 or so years. I'm impressed:| The fact in my mind is hardware is hardware, unless your a company/industry. But I would like to know why you chose the 846, and spent more on registered ram.
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