Dude, there are like many many songs I love. But I guess I'll limit 2 per artist I enjoy. And the sound I'll give ya is 'smooth but kickin w/ vocals'.

DJ Mystik: WARNING! Albums are a continuous mix
- This artist has 33 albums out with music ranging from mixes to originals and sucky to excellent. Definately a hit or miss kind of guy.

4 Ever One - 09 - Into The Blue
(had to add that one, every time I hear this song I wanna fuck the singer, her voice is that sexy)

4 Ever One - 07 - I See Stars.mp3
(fit my criteria perfectly)

Robert Miles: Albums are a continuous mix, but does have some closure between songs
- Once a classical piano player, he switched to trance and keyboard. All originals, music ranges from good to genius. Many of his sounds are inspiration in other DJ's music. Very much a true trance artist who puts a lot of feeling in his music.

Dreamland - 01 - Children (Dream Version)
(no vocals and doesn't kick, however, this is a very popular song of his that was also remixed by Darude in 'Children of the Sandstorm')

23 AM - 03 - Everyday Life
(truly terrific song with excellent vocals and a very large variety of sounds from smooth to kickin.)

Unknown Artist:
Phantom of the Opera (Techno Dance Mix) 3.77 MB (3,957,504 bytes)
(do a search for this. It's a truly monumental mix for a monumental song. Very very excellent vocals with indescribable music.)

Voice of Buddha
- Voice of Buddha creates CD's of various artists. The 'Progressive Goa Trance' album holds the essence of the best Goa - my favorite style - has to offer. No vocals.

Album - Track - Artist - Title
Progressive Goa Trance - 06 - Fuxian - Dishonesty
Progressive Goa Trance - 08 - Whonic - Symptomatic
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