Impy, WHAT THE HELL??!?!

I thought Chemical Brothers and Dust Brothers were completely different dudes? /me goes to check names and compare....

CB = Thomas Owen Mostyn Rowlands and Edmund John Simons

DB = Michael Simpson and John King

I think what I just read, said that The Chemical Brothers used to be called the Dust brothers but got legal advice to stop it.

So how well do they do? Well, put it this way: this album makes it clear why the Chemical Brothers used to call themselves the Dust Brothers, back before they received legal advice that this may be a really bad idea. Well, unless they wanted to be sued and kicked to death. After all, if you were going to ass yourself of as any of the major proponents of modern producer-made music, it would be this pair. They finally teach the world what producers do: everything.


not sure about reliability though. But the Dust Brothers I am talking about did the Fight Club soundtrack, my favorite soundtrack ever.