...to those stupid freakin quiz things that are scattered across the net. You know the ones, they're completely pointless, completely meaningless, and yet I can't quit taking them. For instance, I feel the need to answer questions to find out if I have a dirty mind...I already know I do, but I still have to see what the quiz says...

Filthy As Sin

Get out that can of Comet and start scrubbing, kid! You've got the type of mind that mothers everywhere punish with a mouthful of soap and a buzz-killing curfew. It's people like you who make Parental Advisory stickers a must! Drag your mind out of the gutter before you get yourself in trouble! Or, you know, don't. Heh.

yep...I was right.

Then there's always, lucky at love? See I know the answer to this one without thinking about it, but the quiz says I'm wrong...hmmm so what to believe?


Leaping leprechauns! You've got the luck o' the Irish! Your love life is like a Riverdance. No, we don't mean cheesy and
gross with mullets galore -- we mean things have an
uncanny way of falling into line. Now's the perfect time
to run out and meet the love of your life. And hey! On
your way, pick me up a couple of lottery tickets,

The sad thing is these tests are usually right, especially the tickle "secure lover" test.

ahem...anyways. I know I'm not the only one who can't stop clicking or so many of these damn things wouldn't exist...sooooo who else is joining my little support group?
boys lie.

No we do not!!!!