Well, I heard today again about the Verisign vs ICANN dispute, eveidently verisign wants to run everything without cause, at their prices. What does this mean for the average joe?

Look at domain costs through both companies, Verisign offers a domain at upwards to $75 where ICANN accredited registrars are as low as $5. This means that Verisign, if winning vs ICANN plans to up the prices of domains, and all services on the internet by well more than what we're all willing to pay.

You may know verisign by NetSol, Network Solutions, etc. Help stop this by signing the " Revoke Verisign as the .com/.net registry " petition here .

I have signed this petition personally as have all the individuals in my house. Please however, you MUST sign this with your real information, aliases, nicknames, etc are doing BAD for the petition, the more "lines" aren't good, they have to have ACTUAL e-signatures!
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