heh icemyst is with my brother because he's the shit, and you know it:/

Not to mention women love humor, truth, ethics, morals, and a half life to break all rules to be spontanious. That's animalistic in sorts. Men like the same in women I'm assuming, that most of you don't like your girl fucking another guy, telling stupid jokes, breaking your shit, or saying naw...I don't wanna fuck right now...I just don't...or nah I once fucked a underage cock.

Role reversal for any aggrevated women out there, because it's just the same as if you replace said arguement with the male polar opposites.

We all live basically the same way, just in small differences that show big effectiveness. Liek this..we all have 99% the same dna, it's the 1% that makes you you, and me me. The same that makes bush him, and saddam in our custody. I'll hold onto my beliefs that their are women out there like...well kinda like sam, I know more names I could use, but no one here knows these other womenz. They are a sudo-h/p/v/a/c a woman that can adapt to the scene, in many natures, that likes control, feeds on anger, and loves to be spontanious at some times traditional at others. Aka a complex, but general woman, as in someone you can be a friend, a lover to, and trust. I've seen about in the lower 10's in my life, and I'm damn glad gizmo found sammy. Cause I care, and I know his pain. So seeing his pleasure in finding love...was...well...*wipes a tear*. Btw Yea...shin won't just get a wedgie from icemyst, heh not to mention what he gets won't just be from her, or from giz, but also from me ;/ I breath the same as my brother, and my sister in law and in life. I hold onto others that run from them after anything that offends them. Heh but of course shin is just jokin around:) I just am honest to a point of almost :| straight faced seriousness, then I breakout, and say something like....FART NOISES IN THE SHOWER? WAA? like...no I heh...*blush* sing in the shower, and sorta....*blush, look away*...dance...a little...:/ it gets better but that's a no know for ppl here. heh.
"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"