sintax will pay for this.
i threw the psp on the floor in frustration, it was still working.
she said to me keep it. i said no out of pride.

na, wasnt over the swallowing article. woman have issues i cant understand and when they get together (especially if theyr friends) its almost as if they become possessed by the anti-christ.
it sucks tho, cos she was so nice when her friend didnt come into the picture.
if i didnt have such high morals about 'not hitting woman'... id slug her mate.
tho the bloody behemouth would probably just eat my hand.
fuck, this breaking up thing hurts when u actually love the chick.
/me heads off to see if countB wudnt mind going a few rounds with the behemouth.

...not only have i lost the girl of my dreams.

but a great piece of technology as well.
(why do we only have ONE bloody emoticon to depict sadness!)
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