EndGame... Collage... Girls coming into womanhood. Pull up a chair my man. Learner here will tell you a story about heart break, betrayal, lust and drugs.

When I was a young lad I had a girl. We will call her Sharon, because, well that was her name actually. Sharon was a good girl. She went to church twice a week. Took her virginity myself at the ripe age of 18. Yes I know for sure. She was clean cut and I felt I could trust her. She did not run in my circle of friends. This was good because I used to push drugs for a living.

She was not a whore, she was a light in my dark world. She went off to collage. Things were fine, I drove up 1 hrs to visit often. I was getting it regularly. One night I went up and she and I were to go to a costume party for halloween. I noticed a push up bra and her looking in the mirror before we went.

Red Flag one

At the party she was okay I guess, but laughed a bad joke by this one dude. Nothing bad happened she got so wasted she puked all over herself and I took her home.

Fast forward a month. I am chilling at the crack house I used to live at. Yea, It was really a crack house... Anyway, I am drunk as usual and I get a call. It is Sharon. But whats this, a dude in the background. He said hang up the phone? WTF? I hang up the phone, pound a beer and drive up there. No dude, just here. He was just a friend and left when she was tired.

Red Flag 2

Christmas comes and she confesses she suked dude off before I got there. I felt low man. I mean real low. I forgave her and took a look at myself. Sure she will stray I said. She is in collage going somewhere and I am in a crack house dealing drugs. So I got out. I quit dealing, moved out and started a new life basically.

Well Fast Forward a few months, she sucked another dude off. Wait 2 more dudes. Yep, read her diary on suspision. She was acting wierd when I came up, not wanting to leave the room, or introduce me to friends. It seems my sweet heart had turned into quite the whore. So here I was, stuck in her dorm room, heart broken no car(No drug money, I bumed a ride). She was at class when I read it. I ad 1 hrs to decide what to do.

I decided to play like I knew nothing. I fucked her like allways but could not get off. Kept seeing her with other men and shit. In my bag I had her diary pages. Next day I left. The coming weekend she was coming home to visit her family, get food and shit.

I set up dates with 2 of her friends. I fucked them both then had her come over in the evening. We talked and played around, and for a while I actually forgot the hell I felt. Then the time came. We started fooling around. I had her suck me off right as I blem my load I asked her how her friends tasted. I did not was you see. Then I read her own diary pages back to her and told her to get the fuck out.

See you have to know how to deal with the pain. If I had it to do over again... Shit yea I would do that again. That is the funniest thing I have ever done in my life. Girls in collage however are coming into thier own. They are dealing with all that thier mom and dad protected them from now seems okay at times. They are free for the first time, and being tied to a man, means less freedom. You see, most women want that comfort a relationship gives but are torn to finally be free and able to do what they want.

Chances are man, she either has another man, or has one in mind. I know it hurts. Man even after the revenge I was dead to the world. I really love this girl. I can still hear her voice in my head. I can still picture every line on her face and her smile. But alas it was not meant to be. And I made damn sure it would never be. When a woman wants to leave, the best thing to do is let them go.

You will not talk them into staying. Even if you do, you will not get the mutual love back. It will not be the relationship you loved so much. Instead it will be an evil clone that acts like a cancer between the 2 of you. Lets be friends hu. Yea, good luck with that. It can happen, but when one is crushed like you sound, I do not think you will be happy for her when she shows up with Biff the football player.

If her friends talked her out of it... They probably have a man slated to fill your spot. Just hang inthere man and if it gets too bad, start talking to her friends about how life is a bit better now. Less to worry about and shit ike that. Never let her or her friends see you down. You might just bag one and get a notch on the bed.

Fellas!!! Listen up. You date a girl you date her friends. No one has enemys like a chick and her friends. Play dumb and make friends with all her friends. This could have so been avoided if endgame would have started from the start game. You want to be right in the middle of her friends. You want to be the one with the funny stories, then one with the crazy ideas to try. Be a freak. One of her friends will hear and raise an eyebrow. Only if you start from the beguinning can you pull my revenge. I think I will call it the "Learner special".
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