Badass? lol

Not really. I have street smarts yes. But if it came to blows I am average. What happened? I was looking around the room on a good night. Lots of drugs, plenty of chicks. Pile of weed. Ballon of coke. It was a good night.

I thought, man This is awsome, but what about ten years from now.Do I want to be looking at these same people. Sure they might have different name, but they are more or less the same people. I answered myself no.

So I had droped out Of school. Got my GED, met with an army dude. Tested top scores and got to pick any job I wanted. I picked 31U Signal support system specialist. I set up communications, repaired radios/computers. Got pretty good at it actually. I had a 3 second life span on a battle field.

I extended this by putting all the antenas by the cooks tent. When the enemy came in they would hit the tent with all the radios see. It just makes good sense. Kill all the high brass and thier commo support. We would get a warning when the cooks died. lol

Then 2000 I got out. The market for IT guys was booming. I mean 80K, 50K for no collage education. I was married, had a kid. Blah blah blah. Life tends to slow down a bit as you get older. Now do not get me wrong, I still have my drama. Lord knows, Count Bishula can tell you all about it.
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