Ok, this is the LAST TIME that I want to have to deal with this random U2 BULLSHIT...

Debates are to be in the DEBATE forum, they are NOT to be ammended to various posts over the site, they are NOT to be geared towards publicly harassing people.

As stated, yes, this is a public bulletin board, and yes your optinions do count, UNTIL you start harassing users AND MY STAFF.

I will NOT allow ANYONE to abuse ANY of my users; I WILL BAN YOU if you decide you cannot handle this, I will ban your ISP, I will ban your IP, I will ban your host name, I will ban every fucking thing I can find to uniquely identify you and your access to this site.

Also, specifically to Andy/Frank/whatever new names you register; I don't mind a debate, in fact, I'm all up for a good arguement every now and again, that's why I made the Debate forum, but I swear to god, i'll drive my fat ass to boston and shove my shotgun so far up your ass that you'll be spitting out buckshot for the remainder of your miniscule existance if you cannot follow our simple guidelines again.

We are running a FREE community which allows users to recieve assistance with computer and technical issues for FREE vs having to dish out a few grand to have a "professional" fix their issue, and you fucking kids come in here spamming U2 and other "shit band" discussions all over the place...

This is NOT a U2 fan site, this is not a fan site for any band, we dont care how much you "love" bono, if you want to express your love for some oldies band then do it in a debate in the debate forum or don't do it at all, all you're doing is wasting my time with having to delete all of your fucking posts from your quarterly spammings and it's getting old...

Why don't you currel up with a nice book and learn something for once?
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