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usually youd think the brand name would be on it....
Yeah, normally you would. It looks a lot like the kapp cradles, but they engrave their name on ALL of their stuff.

good ole wal-mart, i cant beileve the amount of money you can invest in gun and paintball in general if you want to, first, theres your gun ((ranging from usually 75-600 bux)) than your hoppers which could be free with your gun, or more advanced ones, than theres the mask, cheap ole ones that fog up, upgraded lenses that wont fog so much, thermal lenses....and than if you really wanna go all out, theres these masks now that have little fans inside them that blow air onto the lense inside the mask so it dont fog...............((i think there around 200)) than theres your c02 tank ((9 oz 12 oz 20 oz 30 oz))....hmm what else, o yess the barrel upgrades for the guns ((cheap usually around 70 or more))....gel handle grips((27))....bah tons of shit, damn it someone give me a donation so i can upgrade and really kick ass((o ya theres grenade launchers too...tight as hell))
Yeah, don't forget nitro tanks for your higher end guns...I'm looking at one that's about $550

and with the range of gun prices...if you want a higher end one you're looking at about $250 - $2,000 mine was only $850 and I'd rather have it than those guns that run about %2000
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