ok i know this topic got kinda old and sorry for bringing it to the top but i got to thinking about what psyc just said, the thrill of fireing a real gun. true, its amazeing, but something like paintball is amazeing too, your actually trying to survive, i remember as a kid playing war with fake rifles in the back yards of my old neighborhood. it was fun, but than again, fake invisible bullets wizzing through the air, i got into hunting with a 12 gauge and i find it enjoyable. i have recently gotten into paintball and i found it to be just as much of a rush as fireing a real gun ((i hunt with a 12 gauge and have fired a muzzle loader as well)), even more of a rush because your actually shooting at something thats shooting at you, and as long as your not a dumbshit about it, its perfectly safe!. so, why risk the chances of haveing a real gun when you can go out and play paintball, ((as long as everyone has masks)) and shoot the hell outa eachother.
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