i love Spike Tv.. it's fucking hilarious.

at any rate.. yeah.. isn't it odd how all the feminazis want equality and all that bullshit, yet they don't want to be held accountable for anything that women do wrong? They want to be equal, as long as they get what they want. that bullshit. i fucking hate women like that. everyone knows that we (women) are evil bitches. that's what the FE in Female means... fucking evil. i realize that there are asshole guys in the world too, but not nearly as many as evil women. i guess it's just our nature. no matter how hard i try not to be evil, i always end up being that way. perhaps we had to evolve that way because of the way the world used to be. in ancient times women had no rights, no nothing. so maybe we evolved into these evil she-beasts in order to survive in a world like that. now the world is a lot different so now we're just uber bitches.
"when you look around, you can't tell me honestly you're happy with what you see"