This is a fairly simple script. Please do not take the wordings seriously. The way this works is, when a user !8ball [question] it will /notice nickname and read from 8ball.txt. It is 100% random from the text.

In your mIRC Remotes you will need to add:
on 1:TEXT:*!8ball*:#:/notice $nick $read $scriptdir\ $+ 8ball.txt

In your script directory (c:\mIRC\) you will need to create 8ball.txt. The default information we have in the original is:

It has been foreseen.
I predict no.
It will be undoubtedly so.
I do not believe so.
Ask again later.
My vision at this time is cloudy.
I do not know at this time.
Do you really believe that?
Of corse.
You should know the answer to your own question.
Oh hell yes...
A 4 year old could answer that question.

but feel free to add and subtract from the listing.
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