Im sorry guys and gal for my childish begavious, i didnt really mean the stuff i said, i just dont really like drugs much. All those cheap payouts i didnt even mean and shouldnt of said. You guys are really good at helping people keep up the good work, again i say sorry for assulting you guys.

P.S:could you take that pic of my user name
Never read the childish stuff. Probably because I do not do drugs any more. So usally I don't read or post in drug related topics. I still like you.

The rest of you raise an eye brow? Fuck it, this isn't a drug community. It is Computer tech/security first. I know many of you partake and I realy could give a shit one way or the other. Mark my words Griffon will prove to be a productive member. I usaly have an eye for these things.

Pergesu - Wrote many of the best Java tuts you ever read. I gave him a mod slot before he wrote one

TBG(thebluegiant)- was around before me, dosen't count

Visage - Helped with the RRFN when it was just a post here on UGN Security

Gizmo - Well okay I was wrong about him. He amounted to be a peice of shit. /me runs in fear

Griffon has demonstrated to me in many posts that he is here to learn and help others learn about computer/security topics. That is his point in being here. heh, we need more like him.

Did he over step his bounds, probably. To that I recomend Griffon just stay out of off topic and you will find you get less pissed off. Anyway that is my 2 cents. For whatever it is worth.

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