Respect ? Respect is something to be earned. You have to work for it, make yourself worthy of respect. You have to respect others in ored to get respect. You have to respect others opinion, in order for them to respect yours. You have to respect other people the way they are, before you can even think about getting respect for what you are yourself. Passing judgement will get you nothing. Criticise others for what they are and for what they do, without even trying to understand them or their ideeas, will never get you respect. In fact, as you can surely see, it will only make everyone else to think that you are an arrogant, self centered person, that rejects opinions or other things allthough he has never tried them, not even once.

In my opinion, this is more then just a security forum. First of all (I like to think) it's a comunity, in witch members are allowed to speak freelly, without the fear that someone will put them down, or trash them, for what they belive, or what they stand for. There are tons of security/programing/computer related forums out there, but the reason I choosed to stay here, is because this feels right, and it makes me feel like home, and nobody (at least not yet) has ever
called me names, or flamed me, for my opinions.

After reading the post, about the drugs, instead of passing judegement, I bought weed from my room mates who smoke every day. I tried it, and I smoked. Did it killed me ? No. Am I addicted ? No. Am I less then I was before ? No, in fact I like to think I am smarter. Does my opinion agree with the opinion of the others ? Yes and no, but I have respect their opinions.

To make this long story short, if you are looking for a strictly security forum, go and find another. If you are looking for something more thant that, learn to respect others.

(Just my outrage cry late at night after half of bottle of whisky).