Well then... I recieved an email about some group called LOTD... Guess who one of the members is... Hi Defcon! lol...

Well, their claiming that I got hacked by them, anyone see anything? nope, neither did I...

Subject: LOTD thinks they owned you.

To whom it may concern,

Well you have no idea who I am but I know about some kids who think there a bunch of badass \"hackers\" lead by a guy who goes by the name Durandal. They call themselves LOTD or The Legion of the Damned. Think LOD with no skill and a bunch of zit faced skinny white kids who play role playing games. They talk alot of shit but don\'t have any idea what there saying.

Durandal claims he\'s a \"diehard enlightened stalinish\" but he also claims he\'s in the army stationed in Monterey California. He claimes he has \"Top secret 98G\" clearance. Ill let you read the rest.

heres our aim conversation. http://www.new100mph.com/images/stupid%20fucking%20durandol.htm

I guess I should give some background. I became interested in the telephone system a few years back and started a site with some friends. It can be found at http://www.new100mph.com. I live in North Central Washington so theres not exactly a big H/P community here. One day at lunch I was talking about beige boxing and a kid I didn\'t know started telling me how he used to box. Well we struck up sort of a friendship and I quickly discovered he talked alot of shit. You know, \"This one time I hacked a Gibson main frame!\" and \"The feds arrested me one time for carding some l33t 0-day warez off aol\".

So anyway we talked a little on AIM on and off. I could only take so much of this kid at a time. A few weeks back I received an instant message from \"mailed left fist\" asking me to join a secret elite orginization of hackers, phreakers, and military enthusiasts. The aim of this secret orginization is too apparrently change the world and bring about some sort of new order.

I played along, I mean these kids are pretty entertaining. Eventually I pass there little tests which really consist of me telling them what they want to hear. And I\'m \"in\" or whatever. So I ask what the first mission is, apparently its to \"Take down the UGN Security\" because one of you gues is a pedofile and just rather uncouth according to Durandal. He claims he has gained access to your server and taken member lists and such off of it.

I knows this guy is full of shit but I would love for him to just be obliterated along with the rest of his lackies. These little boys need a wake up call. Reading our AIM log will really show you what kind of a n00b these kids are. At one point Durandal says hes in the military barracks at some military intel base. But I did a stupid little Visual Route lookup on his IP and he\'s on some shitty dialup account in the San Francisco area.

Maybe you could take some sort of legal action? I mean he\'s threatening to \"hack\" your servers and claims they\'ve already been breached. I\'ve uploaded all documents I have that the \"group\" sent me. Ill post links to those and all AIM screen names I have from the grop at the end of this letter.

Ive been to your site a while back and liked what I saw. Thats part of the reason for this email. I would hate to see a bunch of lamers like them think they\'ve owned you. I would be happy to continue talking to them and see what other information I can get out of them. I think with a little more talking I could probably get names and addresses.

Please get back to me when you have a minute because I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I can be reached at [email protected] or on my AIM account under \"JimboReefer\".

If you decided to take action now rather than having me get there real names and addresses I would appreciate it if you didn\'t tell them I was the one who \"ratted them out\" I\'d rather watch them turn inward on each other :p

http://www.yoanowns.com/lotd/ http://www.yoanowns.com/lotd/structure.html

Screen names:
Durandal: Durandal LOTD
Durandals IP: user-2ivfi16.dialup.mindspring.com | |
Deffy: PunkDeffy
Midknight: Midknight559
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