I think Deffy is innocent. Here's a conversation between me and Jimbo.

HACoder: dude, you got nailed
JimboReefer: anol
JimboReefer: Nailed eh?
HACoder: ?
JimboReefer: That sounds painful
HACoder: yeah, Gizmo decided to post your email on the board
HACoder: so why is Deffy on that list?
JimboReefer: Who's this again?
HACoder: I am one of the recipients of your email
HACoder: I'm an admin on the board, and host of the IRC
HACoder: SilentRage
JimboReefer: Ah
JimboReefer: Hows am I nailed?
JimboReefer: I thought I was being pleasantly helpful?
HACoder: cause Gizmo posted your email on the board.
HACoder: you were
HACoder: so anyway
HACoder: why is Deffy on that email?
JimboReefer: Some dude
JimboReefer: Lives in maine
JimboReefer: Ive got his IP if you want it
HACoder: but how is he related to the organization
JimboReefer: He's "2nd" in command
HACoder: do you have any proof?
JimboReefer: Just what he's told me
JimboReefer: What proof would you like?
HACoder: so you know Deffy?
JimboReefer: Ive talked him him yes
HACoder: so Deffy himself said he was second in command?
JimboReefer: Yes
JimboReefer: he also called himself "Mr Worf"
JimboReefer: when I compared the orginization the enterprise
JimboReefer: Why?
JimboReefer: Do you know this fellow?
HACoder: yes I do
JimboReefer: Seems like a good firend
HACoder: I need some proof that he's 2nd in command
JimboReefer: Ill get it
JimboReefer: Im eating right now
HACoder: mk
JimboReefer: how about in 20 mins?
HACoder: sure, I've set my watch timer
JimboReefer: Neat
JimboReefer: Bah
HACoder: ?
JimboReefer: Now Im going to be flamed by these kids
HACoder: 18 min till proof time
JimboReefer: Why am I on a timer?
HACoder: yes, you said in 20 min, and I really want that proof
JimboReefer: I can see that
JimboReefer: lemme talk to def
JimboReefer: and Ill send you the log
HACoder: ok
JimboReefer: he's not on
JimboReefer: great fun
JimboReefer: when hes back Ill get your proof man
HACoder: what's his SN again?
JimboReefer: Your his friend yet you don't have his sn?
HACoder: well, you said he's not on
HACoder: but he is on
HACoder: so maybe we have different SN's
JimboReefer: PunkDeffy
HACoder: I'm talking to punkdeffy right now
HACoder: why do you think he's not on
JimboReefer: lemme recheck
JimboReefer: ah I typed it in wrong
JimboReefer: my mistake
JimboReefer: Ill get your proof
HACoder: so what is his SN
JimboReefer: one second Im talking to him man
HACoder: mk
JimboReefer: He's playing dumb now
JimboReefer: Thanks for tipping him off
JimboReefer: Jeezus
HACoder: he probably read the post
JimboReefer: Yeah thanks alot
HACoder: I'm not the one who posted the post
HACoder: Gizmo did
JimboReefer: Your the one who told him
HACoder: who says
JimboReefer: Man
JimboReefer: You make me laugh
HACoder: he reads the board dude
HACoder: all I wanted is proof
HACoder: still do
JimboReefer: Yeah thats hard to get now
HACoder: conversation logs isn't proof
JimboReefer: Boo hoo?
JimboReefer: Im not responsible for supplying you with proof
HACoder: then don't make accusations
HACoder: if you can't prove them
JimboReefer: I can accuse whom ever I wish
HACoder: then dont' expect anything to happen becuase of it until there's proof
JimboReefer: happen?
JimboReefer: Were you planning on spanking him or something?
HACoder: yeah, like him getting prosecuted or whatever it is you said in the email
JimboReefer: heh
JimboReefer: grin
HACoder: ok, I think that's enough for this conversation.
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