I remeber smoking weed daily when I was in highschool. I also rember not worrying about anything but scoreing a bag. Fun times. But... Stupid shit. I probably spent $10,00 on drugs in my life. ... Nah probably more. Now I don't do them and want to move up in the corperate world. I find myself worrying sometimes will my past come back to put a glass ceiling over me?

I now have a wife and child I love very much. When out and about sometimes these burnt ass dumb fucks I used to smoke with come up to us.

"DUDE! Hows it going? Wana hang out some time?"

Yea, sure when? Tomorrow at noon?

Yea see I have a job. I can't hang at noon and get toked up all day. So many people I know never made it out of highschool. All of those people are on some type of dope.

I used to smoke Christmass bud. All it was was weed (didn't matter what type) with coke sprinkled on. Very nice feeling. Like christmass morning.

I did it all accept Herroin. And one drug can very well lead to another. I started out on LSD Loved it. Later tryed herb, Herb with PCP, then coke, herb with coke, crack, micro dots, Never did X cause it can have herroin in it.

But anymore, I do not have 3 to 8 hrs to sit around and stare at the wall talking about how cool a poster is. Or to just listen to music and listen for sounds I never heard before. See I grew up. Now I have a wife and child that count on me to bring food home and keep a roof over our heads.

To do that I have to keep a job. My job dose random pissers. Soooo, I stay clean. I now feel sharper, and understand things quicker than I used to.

It's like this people. ANYTHING that gives you a buz is killing brain cells. That plain and simple means it is making you stupid each time you do it. ANYTHING that gives you a buz is putting parts of your body in either hyper drive or slow motion. That is bad for your body.

There isn't anything out there that fucks you up that is good for you, or that dosen't affect you.

Marajuan has more tar in it that cigaretts. Now that is a shit load since tobacco companys add more to the. Many a pot head ends up living in his parents basement "dreaming" of what he will accomplish.

Another thing I can tell you is you NEVER know what you are getting. I mentioned I did crack. It was on the weed I bought. A freind I grew up with sliped it on there thinking it was funny. I beat his ass.

Drugs WILL change you. You will want to do them more and more. The hard part is if/when you decide to quit.... Almost every freind you have is into them. You will find stuff in your belongings for years. You don't realise it till you want to get away from it. You end up surronding your self with drug culture and it is woven into your life fabric for quite some time.
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